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Welcome & Member Introductions

8/10/10 04:07 pm - lunar_wolf_ - Welcome & Member Introductions

Welcome to LGBTQQIA, a community designed for people who identify as any minority gender or sexuality as well as our heterosexual allies. It is a place to discuss LGBTQQIA news and advocacy, share our own experiences, ask questions, and give advice.

As a hate-free community, we don't discriminate one another on any basis, including those outside of the sexual realm (disability or handicap, race, religion, etc.). We embrace diversity.

Feel free to introduce yourself by filling out this form in the comments.

My name is ______
I am ______ years old
I identify as ________
I joined because _________
(Or: I'd like to get _________ out of this community)
Finally, I'd like to add that _______
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